Bonjours j'ai besoin d'aide pour d'écrire cette image le sujet etant : describe briefly the type of picture ( painting, photo, drawing etc.). Then describe the colour, background and element of picture. Then in more detail, describe the position of principal characters, and their place in the picture. Give sufficient detail that the reader can imagine the picture, and potentially sketch it, without seeing it



Watching the picture of my horse jumping an obstacle always gives me the same deep pleasure. A progressive mixture of brown to blue colors  gives an esthetic unity to the photo. On the foreground, one could't distinguish the sand the horse is riding on : there is only a fade out of light browns.  My horse and its rider (me) is right in the center of the picture. The subject is slighly fuzzy so that a global impression of speed and energy is returned to the oberver. My horse is depicted jumping exactly above the fence as if it flew. I am myself nearly lying on its back and getting ready to the reception on the ground. Colorwise, the coat of my horse and my own clothes are dark Brown-colored.
On the background, one could not see any détails but the fuzzy blue of the sky.

Does it help?