Bonjour a tous :) ! pourriez-vous m'aidez svpp !!!
Pouvez-vous me décrire un personnage-monstre original (peux importe) juste un texte ou l'on présente son apparence physique, sa personnalité ainsi ce qu'il aime bien ou pas ( activités, nourriture..) Merci d'avance ;)



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My name's ..... (tu choisis)
I'm big and green with orange eyes. I look a bit like a big stone and a pizza together. I eat brains and pigs! I love to play with cats and scare people in town. Everybody's afraid of me, but they also want to eat me, because when people see me, they're hungry. Sometimes I can be invisible, so I can eat their brain. I go to school to Miami Monster's High. That's the scariest place for people. I have a girlfriend looking like a cat and a ghost. She's really pretty and we play basketmonsterball together.

:D :D