Je dois faire un exposé en anglais voici les étapes :

1- Choisir votre personnage dans une livre, une BD ou un film, j'ai décidé de choisir le personnage principal du film Avatar (Jake Sully)

2- Présentez le film ou le livre dont est issu votre personnage. Dites pourquoi ce film ou ce livre est votre préféré et expliquez pourquoi ce personnage vous plaît (Je vous laisse dire n'importe quoi tant que cela marche)

3- Vous devez inclure les points suivants :
- A description of the character (face, general features, styles, clothes...).
- His/her hobbies, tastes and passions.
- What he/she is famous for.
- What he/she does in the film/book.
- Compare him/her with other characters in the same story or in similar fiction

Voilàà merci ;).



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Avatar is my favorite movie because the movie is long and I love movies that lasts. I like Jake Sully because he played too well in his films. Jake Sully was born on August 24. He is the protagonist of Avatar. He loves his job to be an actor. He had a twin brother who died, and since he did everything to make happy his brother and make him happy, the goal was to play in the movie Avatar and Jake Sully managed to accomplish the dream of his brother please him.