★ First Scene
Narrator: Alice enters the library to 20h. She sees someone hacking . She fled .

★ Second Stage
Narrator: Alice enters the police station.

W : Hello. The other day I saw the hacker.

P: Hello and enchants . Is it true that you have witnessed the crime? Do you have any information about the crime?

W : Yes, it's true.

P: Oh ! Magnificent ! Please tell me everything.

★ Scene Three :
P : Your name ?

W : Alice .

P: Thank you Alice . Where were you when you saw this person hack ?

W : I went to the library to borrow a book and then I saw it.

P: What do you see?

W : Nothing. How will you solve this crime?

P : We will do our best .

P: What incidents had in the library?

W : I do not know. Right I know is that I saw a person with a black and red jacket cheveuse .

P : Okay. My question is was the best description of the suspect please. ( <- Describe the criminal as best as you can)

W : I tell you ... the suspect was black cheveuse and a red jacket .

P : Okay , okay a young woman.

W : What is the punishment for the offense , and that what I do to help? ( saying it Quickly)

P: Slow down, young woman.

W : Excuse me, my name 'm not young woman. I am Alice !

P : Anyway , the criminal go to jail and be ... stay out of this. You do not Have to do anything more . ( <- Anyways , the criminal will go to jail. )

W : Do you have a suspect? ( <- Do you have any suspects yet? )

P: Yes ... is Mlle.Alice you !

W : What ! ? And Why ?

P: Hahaha ... During the day, is what has been another character in the library? ( <- The other day , was there anyone else in the library ? )

W : Ummm .... I know! A librarian !

P: Only ?

W : Yes, that is true .

P : Finally, the last question. Why you at the library ?

W : I said , for a book !

P: Thank you for the information.

W : From kidney !

★ Fourth Scene
W : Oh the wait! I forgot a very important information !

P: And what is it ?

W : Ahaha , you have the scene too! ( <- You were at the crime aussi ! )

P: Ehhhh ? Are you crazy summer ? Enough! How can we stop this investigation
W : Oh no, no I 'm not crazy ! I'm the police department ! You're the criminal!
P : .......................
W : That's true , ' Policeman ( name of the police) . " You're under arrest .
Meilleure réponse !
Voici un "petit" dialogue de ma part:

Witness: It was 4:38 p.m. in a small alley in the neighborhood of Times Square.

Detective: What you saw at the scene?
Witness: I saw a man with purple glasses and brown hair.
Detective: No further information?
Witness: He also had a bloody knife in his pocket.
Detective: Thanks for your help!

Et voici la traduction pour toi :

Témoin: Il était 16h38 dans une petite ruelle du quartier de Time square.

Détéctive: Qu'avez vous vu lors de la scène ?Témoin: J'ai vu un homme avec des lunettes violettes et des cheveux brun.
Détéctive: Pas d'autres informations ?Témoin: Il avait aussi un couteau plein de sang dans sa poche.
Détéctive: Merci pour votre aide !

J’espère que ça te plaira !