Bonjour,j'ai ce devoir à faire pour lundi a propos du texte "you tired,you poor"
voici les questions:
-who are the characters?list them and find a maximum of characteristics (age,origin,occupation,attitude...)
-where does the scene take place ?are other places mentioned?
-what is happening in this scene?

voici le texte



Meilleure réponse !

The characters are : _ Brigitte                              
                                 _ Beatrice                             
                                 _ Charles (Brigitte's brother)
Charles Blackburn (The marry)                                
                                 _  Mademoiselle Dumapoozi (Le deuxieme nom de brigitte)

The stage and the place is happening in :
In france , In America , 
USA , Ellis island .

What happens in the scene is

Brigitte a french immigrant goes to america in the boat in Le Havre .She had to find a wealthy American , but she married simply hideous man Charles Blackburn and she was already pregnant with him . After she wanted to go to America, he wanted to do as his sister ...

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