Bonjours alors voilà j'ai besoin d'aide j'ai une interrogation oral en anglais c'est très important, je dois d'écrire un lieu dire ce qu'il y a est ce qu'il n'y a pas, il faut que j'emploie le plus possible "there is/there are" ou"there isn't /there aren't" j'aimerais parler de ce qu'il y a et ce qu'il n'y a pas!
Merci d'avance



Known as the "City of Lights," Paris is one of the world's foremost centers of business and culture. situated on the river Seine, Paris is a beautiful, cosmopolitan city whose influence on politics, education, entertainment, fashion, and the arts is felt worldwide. Innumerable monuments built to reflect the glory of France and its rulers stand testament to the city’s rich history and have led Paris to be the world's most popular tourist destination. Famous sites and landmarks include the Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, Place de la Bastille, and the Luxembourg Gardens. Many of the almost twelve million Parisians are recent immigrants from around the globe, and make the city one of the most diverse cultural environments in the world.
Bonjour ,

Tu peut faire des changements , ou si tu comprend pas quelque mots ou quelque phrase tu pourrait toujour aller sur ce site :

My ideal city would be a very pleasant and young place with no more fear, crime and litter in the street. It would be a place where you can have fun, work and go to school. To sum up, it would be a city where everything isclose to us so where you can do and have everything what you want. 
Frist, around the city would be a park where you could lazing around, read, play wiht your children ans go for a walk. There, it would be many trees, pathes for people who wants to bike or to walk and benches. In the north west of the park there is a lake where in summer inhabitants of the city go to swimming and to do pedal boat. 
Secund, the city would bec ut across by two avenues but in those avenues no cars could drive. No cars mean no pollution and traffic jam ! The inner city would be composed of four parts because of the avenues which cross it.
In the north and the south west part of the city centre would be located all the restaurants, the pubs and the nightclubs. At Night, teenagers could go and do party and at the lunch, famillies could go and eat at restaurants. Opposite, in the south east part, there would be a cinema. Beside it, would be a theatre and a library. In the theatre would come a lot of famous actors and singers. In the north east part, there would be a lot of boutiques and shops so it would be a perfect place to do shopping !
Third, next to the cinema would be a factory. Near, we could find a church, a mosque and a sinagogue. That’s why, everyone could practice their religion and believe in their own god ans their own belief. Tolerance would be a quality of all the inhabitante ! Beside the mosque, I would place the hospital. There, would be all you need : doctors, dentists, specialists….
In the other side of the road, a bowling would take place. Behind it, would be a swimming pool and next to it a bakery. In front of the bakery, children could go to school and to high school.
In the north west, along the park, people would live in modern and colorful blocks of flats. In front of all the flats, in the parks would be a playground for children and a basket ground.
Finally, « les grande surfaces » would be in the north east, opposite of the city centre and beside it would be a day-nursery. Thanks to it, mothers could go shopping calmly whitout their kids. During this time, kids could have fun !
In my ideal city, everything would be close to us soi t couldn’t be too big and should be small ; like that, we could moove with bike, public transport orquite simply walking. I also think that a little city is nicer and more friendly than a big. I wouldn’t locate a jail, because there wouldn’t be useful since in my city there wouldn’t be crime, muderer and offences.
For the weather, there could be four saisons like in France but the winter would be not too hard. I don’t know where I would locate my ideal city because there are too many beautiful places and countries in the world. I hope that one day, a city will looks like my ideal city which I’ve just described even if it seems incredible….