Exercice 1
tu viens de former un cercle d'amis (lecture,mécanique,cinéma,imformatique...)Écris le réglement de ce cercles avec les auxiliaire can can't,must, mustn't
comme sur cette exemple
In my reading club, members must meet every friday at 9p.m.They mustn't have phone calls during the
multing they must read the same novels. Each member must speak about the novel and give his ther opinion but they shout and argue.

Exercice 2
tu t'occupe de la rubrique <> du journal de l'école .
Un éleve du college te demande des conseil ,car il n'a pas d,amis . Repond lui utilise l'auxiliaire should et shouldn't comme sir cette exemple :
You shouldn't try to change your personality to find new friends.You should hang out with teens who share the same interests.You should go to places you like .You should look at the others and smile.
you souldn't worry.Im sure you'll find great buddies.

aidez moi urgent
je vais t aider mais donne moi 5 minute pour tou ecrire :)
ok merci
voila :)


 Exercice 1 In my Horse riding club members must meet every Friday evening, members of this club should always bring their name tags and identification every Friday we can also provide boots and clothes for the beginners and at the end of the session your musn't leave your horse alone you have to put it back to are horse manager and you must oh and you must clean the horses before leaving them with the horse manager                                        Exercice2 If you want to have friends you should be more happy and be less demanding of people and you shouldn't tell lies about who you are because tell will find out the truth one way or another and you should try also to be more interactive with them and then you will see that you will have loads of friends in no time at all 

Correction de mon erreur In my cinema club you can't shout or run or disturbe others but you can talk quietly and bring your own food you all must be provided with 3D glasses on the days that we say and you musn't forget to meet here every saturday evening unless we say anything different