Pour l'image 1 : 
Exs 5 :
1.Where 's the dog?
2. Where are the kids? 
Exs 6 : 
The dog is in front of the bin 
They are on the banches

Pour l'image 2 :
on ne dit pas "where's the kids" dsl mais on dit plutot "where are the kids"
oui je me suis tromper dsl
merci beaucoup.!.
de rienn :p
Meilleure réponse !
Image 1: Exercice 5 

1) where is the dog?
2) where are the kids ?

Exercice 6

1) It is by the bin. 
2) they are sitting on the bench. 

Image 2: Exercice 4

1) Is Bruce from London? No he isn't. He's from Boston. 
2) How old is Rachel? She's 11.
3) The five heroes go to Chessington school. They are in Year 7. 
4) Is the bird under the bench? No, it isn't.

Image 3: My favourite

My favourite place is a clothes shop called Hollister. It's in street number 9, between the coffee shop and the bakery store.