I was walking home, coming back from school, whistling happily, when I saw to men whom had masks on and were running out of the bank. When I saw them I was curious to know what was going on so as I went into the bank, the alarm went on. The police came and thought I stole something. While they were handcuffing me, they wouldn't listen to what I had to say. I was very scared of what had happened. I told them that I was walking home when I saw them running out and I mentioned that I was curious and I entered to see what happened, then, they finally believed me, well after watching the tapes that the camera recorded. 

Merci beaucoup ! Pourrais tu aussi m'aider à en faire une vrai ?
bonn ummm:
I once woke up very late for school. Technically it wasn't my fault because, I set the alarm that day to 6am and it don't go off, so, I just kept sleeping. When I was sleeping, someone was calling my name so it woke me up. Turned out to be my mother shouting at me for being late to school. When I got to schoo, the gates were closed. I tried everything I could to enter but was unable to, so, I just sat down and waited. When the bell rang, they opened the gate and I got in trouble for being late.
tiens bon mais normalement c toii qui doit raconter qlq chose qui c passer en vrai mais la g juste inventer que tu etais en retard comme sa c facile a croire :p