Who is your (favourite) hero / heroine ?
Prepare a 3 to 4 min speech about him /her.
( Who ? Why ? ... )

Un peu d'aide s'il vous plaît , Je n'est pas d'idée sur quel heros ou heroine choisir ...
Merci d'avance :)



Meilleure réponse !
My favorite hero is William Moseley. He became my favorite hero when i watched the chronicles of Narnia for the first time, i just loved the movie and specially him. I saw all three Narnia movie just because of him. Since then i had a crush on him, he is just the best for me. I just like him he is so handsome and he got a very sweet smile. His acting is just perfect he won so many awards too. I just like him and i guess for me he will be my favorite hero ever.
Merci je vais faire ça mais juste en prenant Eva Longoria , Merci beaucoup :)