il faut que tu utilises ta gauche et ta droite.
("at the left of.." et "at the right of...")
Je peux essayer: (en supposant qu'on entre par la porte Ouest:

When I come of the West door, I've on my right the Chapel of St Michael and St George. We call this side "South Aile". On my left, there are the Bell Tower and the St Dunstan's Chapel. I am in the Nave. When I move forward, I'm under the Dome and I have on my right the South Transept. On my left, I can see the Font and the North Transept. Further, after the Dome, I can see the pulpit and then I will be in the Quire. On my right, I will have the South Quire Aile and on my left, I will have the North Quire Aile. If I move forward again, I will be in the High Altar.

J'espère avoir répondu à ta "question" ! (:
Bonne après-midi