Topic : "a family is not a famity without love" . do you think love is the onty thing we need in a family ?
uses : i think, for me , in my opinion , ...
and uses linkers of addition ( first , seconde , in addition , besides , also .... )
and ( i konw that parents provide their children with " care , self confident , protection , advice , safety , guidance , help ....... ) uses this expretion
if you please help me and write me producing between 6 and 10 lines



For me love is the soil where family can plant his children and make they grow.
Evidently love is not enough to get children to blossom. As a plant which needs water to grow  children need food , clothes and money.
But without love, a child won't found self confidence which he needs to become an adult.
Besides even if family is quite poor, love will give it the way to give its children all that he need. Family is the first place where relationship can be tried and it's very important because human is a social being.When a child has the adversity to loose a parent  it's as he has a foot been cut.
Je suppose que ça t'aidera. je ne suis pas spécialiste...