exercice pour vendredi 8 novembre : compléter le texte anglais à l'aide des verbes donnés en français. Attention ! Il faut les conjuguer en ANGLAIS.décider, ne pas trahir, (ne pas)tuer, recevoir, aller, prendre/mettre, attendre, ordonner/envoyer, faire, torturer Bonfire Night is celebrated on ______________ every year in order to remember _______________ plot against the King. King __________________ was P____________ and Catholics __________ like the laws he __________ because they _________ treated very badly! So thirteen men _______________ to blow up the Parliament when the King ______ there in order to kill him. So Guy Fawkes _____________ down in the cellar and he __________ the barrels of gunpowder right underneath the Parliament. He ___________ there alone. But the King _______________ a warning letter and he _______ his guards to find and arrest Guy Fawkes. The King was saved: the Catholics __________________ him. The guards _______________ Guy Fawkes but he ___________________ his Catholic companions and they ____________________ him.



Pour le premier il faut que tu mette la date de Bonfire Night. Ensuite la deuxième réponse c'est : Gunpowder
je pense que pour la 3ème réponse il faut que tu trouve le nom du roi