Tu peux mettre 
hello my name is mathidadu44 I'm 15 .I have got a dog . I like surfing on (facebook,nosdevoir.fr ...) I'm studente in (nom du collège) . I have got a brother his name is bob , my parents are married .my cat ,name is chocolat . I like sporting . I play football . I don't likes singing . I hate homework .
Bsr je vais te donner un exemple que j'ai remarqué sur internet:
Hello ! My first name is Mary ! My surname is Jonson ! I was born  on the 11th of August in nineteen ninety-five. I was born in England, in Oxford. I'm thirteen years old. I'm right-handed. I am 1m53 tall.I live in Glasgow.We are six in my family.I have one brother and two half sisters.I'm not interested in politics.I like to watch dramas !And you who are you ? What do you like ?Love,Mary.