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Is Tim Burton's style adapted to children ?

Tim Burton has directed many films in which there are sometimes characters or fantastic scenes that are out of the ordinary .Can we say that the style of TimBurton is adapted for children ?

In my opinion ,Tim Burton's style is not adapted to children

I think there are enough dark and strange scenes , weird characters that are in a supernatural set , and sometimes disturbing music. In many Burton films, we can see stairs with irregular steps, black and white tiles, twisted trees. The bridge is represented as a symbol of passage between the life and the dead (as in Beetlejuice). Furthermore , there is always an element of big mystery . The outstanding characters make dream so the viewer feels at the same time in reality and fiction.

All these aspects may reflect fears in children. The movie posters too can also show fear an air of fantasy that scares or surprise in children which are sometimes dark, with characters that scare in the foreground (example: Beetlejuice, Alice in Wonderland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Edward Scissorhands). InBeetlejuice, there are some scenes that may scare children, but others don't .For example, at the beginning, when Maitland hadn't yet made the accident . Again, Tim Burton's films took over films that already existed before and were more adapted for children because there were no weird scenes (for example : in Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton and Alice in Wonderland of Disney).According to the testimony of my little sister, who is 9 years and has seen the two films, she prefers Alice in Wonderland of Disney because there is less dark scenes and characters less weird. The film is very cheerful compared with Alice in Wonderland of Tim Burton . But she also says that the film "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" is not scared at all, on the contrary, it was great.

At the end , we can say that Tim Burton's style is not adapted to children , but it depends of the scenes, the scenes , the sounds and especially the age of the child who is watching the film.





Seul petit bémol : a le fin : the scenes, the scenes (avant derniere ligne) il ne faut qu'une fois the scenes.