1/ I must listen the teacher .
2/ I mustn't talk with my neighbor
3/ I should be able to explain the lessons of the eve every time when i have english class.
4/ I don't eat chewing gum during class.
5/ I don't listen music in class .
6/ I can speak in english but ican't speak french
1-We should be very attentive in class, when teachers teach us.
2-We should participate.
3-We mustn't use  use phone.
4-We must always bring the necessary thing .
5-We can't be late.
6-We should be on time.
7-We must respect our teachers and friends.
8-We can't eat chewing gums.
9-We must submit out homework's on time.
10-We can go to the nurse if necessary.
11-We shouldn't be absent very often.
12-We mush justify the absents on time.
13-We can ask any questions to our teacher.
14-There shouldn't be any discrimination.
15-We can be the monitor of the class if we want.

desolet j'ai + d'idee....si tu me di en francais je peux traduire...