Bah je te consseile de raconter une catastrophe du feu par exemple u di ke tetai chez toi avec tes pote et que apres ya le feu qui a surgit et texpliquent commen cetai keske ta ressenti ect 
so today I was telling you what happened to me-there is about me 1
I was with one of my best friends at home are made ​​of cup-cakes and waiting for the oven lights quietly and so during that time we were living in the parts at the beginning we felt nothing and after 10 minutes smoke and fire have arisen
..... tu pe continuer sur sa
One day i wen out for shopping with my friends and then we were very tired after shopping. So we thought of going in a restaurant and to eat something. While eating and enjoying we thought of playing something, so we decided to play dare an truth. Actually we were trying to know each ones secret but then my turn came and i didn't wanted to face any truth so i decided to choose dare. Then my friends told me to go and steal one wallet from someone and then i have to return it. But while i was stealing a man's wallet a lady saw me from far and came and caught me because she thought i was a thief. But then all my friends came and tried to tell the truth but no one believed us because they thought that i was caught so we all were trying to make excuses. But then they called police and then we had to do many things, call our parents, explain them the truth and then they hardly believed us and left us. So from then on we all stopped playing truth and dare and also suggest everyone not to play that too.
J'espere que c bon.