voilà un devoir d'anglais que je dois réaliser pour mercredi, le thème est "la Silicon Valley". Cela doit être très court, résumé et, biensûr, en anglais !

J'aurais voulu savoir si mon texte était "correct", excuser les vilaines expressions françaises traduitent en anglais. Qu'en pensez vous ? Merci d'avance.

I /Presentation :
The Sicilicon Valley who holds her name of Silicium who wants to say "sable" in French, is the biggest World technological pole. It is located in San Francisco in Californie, in the west of etats-unis.

2/ A little story :
Evidently, she is not always was it. Previously the Silicon Valley was a richer agricultural region to the world, the Santa Clara Valley.
Everything began with Frédéric Terman nomad the "dad" of Silicon Valley. He was a teacher and, disappointed to see his best students leaving California, he encouraged them to create their own company in the region. In 1938, William Hewlett and David Packard starting up their business. This is in the 60s with the consumer electronic bang when Valley developed. Steve Jobs with Steve Wozniak establish Apple in 1976. Between 1974 and 1984 18 firms are create.

3/ Nowadays :
At the present, the head offices most computing large companies and technological are there as Ebay, Apple, Facebook, Google… In all there is more than 2 million inhabitants, 6 000 high-technology companies and the standard of living is high to it.




The Silicon Valley which holds its name of Silicium which means (...) in the west of the united states of America.


Obviously, (je comprends pas ce que tu veux dire). 

Silicone Valley's "dad". (...) starting their business up. 

Between 1974 and 1984, films are created.


Now, (...) like Ebay, Apple, Facebook, Google, etc...There is more than 2millions...

Meilleure réponse !

1) Presentation

the Silicon Valley gets its name for the French 'Silicium' wich means "sable". It's the biggest technological center in the world and is located in San Fransisco, California, on the West Coast of the United States.


2) A little story

Evidently, it wasn't always like this. Previously the Silicon valley was a rich agricultural région called the Santa Clara Valley.

Everything began with F.T, also known as the "dad"(..) . (..) . It was during the Consumer electric Bang of the 60s that the Valley developped itself. ... established Apple... . Between 1974 and 1984 18 firms were created in the Valley.


3) Nowadays

At the present time, the head offices of some of the largest computing and technological companies in the world are based in Silicon Valley such as Ebay.... . In all it has 2 million inhabitants, 6000 hight technology companies and a very high standard of living.


Voilà :)