Aider moi Svp seul dm que je n'arrive pas

1. Ecrivez ces verbeq au present simple puis imaginez la suite

A)mettez les verbes au present simple ou progressif

B)Mettez les verbes au present simple ou progressif
Forme interrogtive premier parargraphe
Forme negative deuxieme paragraphe



1- he does
She worrys about her brother
She plays basketball very well
He watches tv

2- Are you going on holiday...
Do they play..
Is she eating
Are they doing
Does she visit her grandma

3- don't see
Isnt sleeping
We don't
Don't watch
1. He does like chocolate
She worries about her cat
She plays tennis with her mother
He watches television in his bedroom

2.Do you go on holiday by planes sometimes?
Do they play computer games every day?
Is she eating dinner at the moment?
What are they doing right now?
Does she visit her grandma very often?

3.You don't see her every day
the baby isn't sleeping at the moment
I am not reading a book now
We doesn't go to school on Sundays
He doesn't watch the news every day