Voila j'ai remis le sujet pour les personnes qui voulais bien m'aidez j'espere qu'on vois bien la la consigne est a la fin de la fiche Merci Bcp ❤️❤️❤️

Je peux t'aide mais je connais mm pas l'histoir....alorss comment je vais terminer l'histoire en utilisant les phrases.


While they were going from house to house to collects chocolates and candies they had to go through a forest and it was raining very heavily. Suddenly they heard a noise coming from behind them, they all turned around but couldn't see anything because it was getting darker as it was dawn. They started walking again but everyone were feeling scared and again they heard the same noise as if someone was following them. But this time they didn't look back they were walking and walking suddenly they saw a light and they were walking towards the light then they saw a very big house but the house was empty with no one living there. They slowly entered the house because they were very scared to stay outside. But then in the house also they heard the footsteps and even saw someones shadow then they all started shouting and ran down the hall. They they saw a bed and then all of them hid under the bed.  They planned to catch the person whose shadow they have seen. And they they made a plan and caught the person and when they saw the face they were very shocked and surprised because it was one of their friend who tried to scare them as it was Halloween.