I don't agree with cosmetic surgery unless it's in the aid of reconstruction or if whatever the patient wants to change is causing them physical pain. People take unecessary risks in order to fit in with society's ideal and I think that if more of us are against it, more people will feel comfortable with what they were born with rather than what an, in my opinion, over paid surgeon can provide them.
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I like(love) and not the esthetic cirurgie because it is good because we see each other more attractive but at the same time it is dangerous because we can have problems. A lot of people believes that it is good but I think not because it is better to stay as we are and it is not the punishment(effort) to change everybody is attractive

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cosmetic surgery has the power to give the patient a new one. Generally people have a direct or subjectively negative self image or if the high cost of most operations. The positive side is that after surgery it makes life more alive and more fulfilled people.