Je n'arrive pas a faire un devoirs d'anglais: le sujet de ceje n'arrive pas a faire un devoirs d'anglais:
le sujet de ce devoirs:
1)time out:you are going to spend 24hours in London. Where will you go?what will you go? Plan your 24 hours. Make sure you know how to get to each place (use the transport map from task two)
si quelqu'un peu m'aider et m'ecrire un texte en anglais qui corresponds au sujet sa m irais bien merci
je voudrais un texte en anglais car je suis nul merci
(j'ai compris le sujet en fa me faudrait la rep

il faut le plan de transport ???


MorningI would enjoy a lie-in before heading out for brunch: breakfast and lunch in one meal. A greasy spoon cafe is the best place to eat a classic London brunch. This type of eatery is found all over London, with more authentic versions in less posh areas. Look for a cafe, usually with cheap-looking tables and chairs, perhaps with a few builders on their break, serving a selection of breakfast meals, from full English to bubble-and-squeak, a traditional English dish, with tea or coffee. Not a particularly healthy way to start the day, but satisfyingly tasty, and big enough to fill you up.AfternoonLondon is famous for its green open spaces, which are enjoyed by Londoners all year round, from brisk autumnal walks to picnics in the summer and snowball fights in winter. Going to the park is a great way to relax in London. I like a good view so I have spent many perfect days at Crystal Palace Park, situated at the highest point in South London and at Greenwich Park, which offers amazing views across the river Thames to the Olympic site, as well as being located at point zero of the Meridian Line from which Greenwich Mean Time begins.Hampstead Heath in North London also offers stunning views across the city. If you’re located more centrally, head to Hyde Park. My activities in London’s parks are totally weather-dependent; from chilling out on the grass to walking through beautiful gardens, there is something for everyone.EveningFor centuries London has been a blend of cultures, with settlers arriving from all over the world. This is reflected in the culinary variety available throughout the city. Head to Green Lanes in North London for authentic Turkish Cypriot cuisine, eat delicious Vietnamese food in Dalston, East London, or head to one of the more well-known Asian food areas: grab an Indian curry on Brick Lane, East London, or lose yourself in China town, situated centrally, right next to the famous Leicester Square.You can see almost any type of performing art in London, and my perfect day would finish at some sort of live music event. From classical and jazz to world music and rock and heavy metal to hiphop, London has it all. Bars and nightclubs are found throughout central London, where you can drink and dance the night away, until you can neither drink nor dance any more.England is famous for its pubs and I would head to a pub either before or after my evening’s entertainment. Now that pubs have developed from their traditional roots, London offers a range of public house experiences, from traditional cramped joints to gastro-pubs and the ubiquitous chains such as Wetherspoons. I would choose a pub depending upon the friends I was with, and very likely drink at several different establishments throughout the evening.

OUF don ...
J’espère t'avoir aider pardon pour les fautes je suis galoise donc moins bonne en français