Bjr vs pouver maider a presenter ma chambre ya un lit ... tout se que vous avez alor vous pouver maider avec there is are svp merci

si tu repond a ma question tu les a mes point
Merci :)
je vais un peu modifier sa sinon elle va croir que jai fait google traduction


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My bedroom is big , it's beautiful . The bed is next to the wardrobe . The bedside table is between the desk and the bed . There are a posters on the walls . The walls is white . The tv is in front of the bed on the small piece of furniture . The door is next to the wardrobe . On the desk there is a computer . The window is in front of the wardrobe , we see the garden by window . On the bedside table there are a phone and a alarm clock .The radiator is next to the desk .The radiator is next to the desk . IN front of the bedside table there is a carpet pink. Behind the computer there are decorations . UNder the desk , there is my school bag . Voilà tout ;)