Salut j ai un petit exercice a faire en anglais merci d avance

1) a- he can speak italian
b- we usualy go to the stadium
c-Paul pratctise tennis two days a week
d- I don't watch horror movies
e- James has got Spanish lessons each Monday

2) 1- Do you love science fiction?
2- Where does he live?
3- what time did you arrive here?
4- When Ann plays the flute?
5- what do they share?


Ex 1 : 

a) He sometimes speaks Italien.
b) We never go to the stadium.
c) Twice a week Paul practises tennis.
d) I usuall watch horror movies.
e) Every monday James has got a Spanish lessons.

Ex 2: 

1) Do you like Science fiction?
2) Where does he live?
3) What time did you arrive?
4) How many times a week does Ann play the flute?
5) What do they share?

Voila :) !

a)He speak sometimes Italian
b)We go always to the stadium
c)Paul parctise tennis 2 times of week
d)I never watch horror movies
e)James have got spanish lessons every Monday

1)Do You like science fiction ?
2)Where he lives ?
3) At what time you arrive
4)How many times Anne she plays the flute ?
5) They have the same clothing ?