Who are you ? Where have you been ? When did leave the country side ?
Last week-end the school organized a one- day trip to the forest on the edge of our town, but something strange happened. We planned to visit the old house in that forest, which was quiet, dull and foggy. While we were walking through the forest the forest, some were singing,some were taking photos and the others were just discovering. Suddenly, we heard weired voices and screams comming out from behind the trees, but we didn't care because we throught they were only animals or birds . As much as we got closer to the old house, these voices and screams became loud. At exactly the same moment , we looked at each other, and some of us shouted "the place is haunted " and i said "ghosts are following us !! " we felt very scared and some girls started crying . On of us rushed out to find out . Then, he came across our English teatcher who found no way to tell him that the teachers themselve were behind the strange and scary voices ans sounds. " in deed, we have prepared a mystery trip for you " the Maths teacher confessed .