31: Aibileen (who narrates this chapter) looks at Elizabeth's bookmark every day to see where she is in Help. She's not getting very far very fast; she hasn't even gotten to Chapter 2, the chapter about her.On Thursday, when Hilly comes over, Aibileen learns Hilly is on Chapter 7. Hilly is convinced that the TV host is right, that the book is about Jackson. She plans to identify the maids.The next day, Aibileen sees that Elizabeth is on Chapter 6 now. Seems she read her chapter and didn't recognize herself.That afternoon, Mae Mobley comes home from school in tears. She got in trouble at school because when Miss Taylor told them to draw what they liked most about themselves. Mae Mobley colored a picture of herself with a black face.Miss Taylor is trying to undo all the good things Aibileen's been teaching Mae Mobley.
32: Minny narrates this chapter. Aibileen comes over to her house and tells her Hilly is spreading the word around town that the book is about Jackson.They are afraid Hilly will never get to her chapter, the chapter about the pie...That night, when Minny is in bed with drunken Leroy, he says he knows she has a secret and threatens to find out what it is in whatever way he can.Minny is strong woman, but somehow she is weak when it comes to Leroy.She wonders why she stays with him, why she loves him even though he beats her and is a drunk. She wonders what she "could become" if Leroy would stop beating her.The next night, she wakes up around midnight and she's sure Hilly's finally read her chapter.