Me Washington Brooker, i'm sure that most of my black brother knows me. You white people know me as a criminal as i have a criminal record because i was against the Jim Crow Laws. I faught for my brothers ( Black people) because we were not considered  in the same way like white peole. thousand of other black southerns has similar records as i do because because we were againts this discrimination. We concidered as criminals  are not treated as full citizens, we don't get aa morgare, we can't vote, we don't get a job easily. But still i don' want to expung my criminal record because i want to keep it as a proof, I AM PROUD OF IT. because i consider myself as a HERO "i changer the course of human histry." I'm happy that other criminals like me were enpunged from this records and that the segregation and discrimination is lesss then before. I had a dream to see the equality, no racism, no descrimination and the brotherhoodness between all of us and now i'm very happy th see this change in my country.
Thank you all for listening to me very carefully.