Bonjour, pourriez vous m'aidez sur mon devoir d'anglais je dois le rendre pour le jour de la rentrée et je suis vraiment perdu alors voila l’énoncé :


lizzie's letter : i have just changed schools. i was ever so popular at my old school , but here at my new school, i can't make friends with anybody ! nobody is talking to me. it's awful sitting alone on a bench thinking how happy i was before. what should i do ? please help me.

brian's letter : my parents give me l3 a week and they say it's enough pocket money because i'm only 16 and i don't need a lot of money but it's not true ! i want to go out more with my friends and go to the cinemla or to a club on saturday night, and i want a new mobile phone too, but it's quite expensive ! what is the the solution to my problem? how can i have more pocket money ???

now use the following expressions to answer lizzie's letter or brian's. (you have choice ). use the following expressions and write 70 words at least

you should + base verbale + complementsyou could+ base verbale+complementsin your place , i would + base verbale+ complements

what about+ verbe+ing + complements
instead of+ verbe+ ing(=au lieu de...)
voila et j'ai choisit le texte 1 celui de lizzie en esperant avoir de l'aide rapidemment et merci d'avance !!



Dear Lizzie, I just read your letter and I want to give you some advices. You should go ahead and talk to some people in your school, instead of  thinking about your past, you need to move on ! Now you're new life is here, so enjoy ! If you're sitting next to someone in class, you could just start talking, just asking what's her/his name, this kind of stuff.. What about just introduce yourself to all your class? It could be a good idea ! You could just say what's your name, your age, what do you like to do, where you're from.. I'm sure that your teacher will be okay! Hope you gonna find a solution. xx 

Voilà voilà, j'ai écrit un peu près ce que j'aurais rendu moi-même si j'avais eu ce travail. J'espère que ça t'ira, j'ai fait du mieux que j'ai pu ! Il y a environ entre 100 et 120 mots. Bonne vacances! 
merci franchement sa m'aide beaucoup
De rien, ça fait plaisir d'aider!