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biographie sur Charles Dickens

-7 February 1812, Portsmouth, England
-writer (15 novels and hundreds of short stories)
-1843: A Chistmas Carol
1850: David Copperfield
-10 children
-1870 ( 58)

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I was born the 7 on february in 1812 in Protsmouth in England.
I'm writer. I write 15novels and hundreds of shorts stories.
I'm famous.
In 1843, I write "A Chistmas Carol" and in 1850, I write "David Copperfield"
I have 10children
Charles Dickens was born February 7, 1812 , in Portsmouth, England. Up to 12 years , he had a happy childhood. When he was 12 , he suffered an injury that would haunt him for the rest of his life. His father was imprisoned for debt, Charles knew the horror of poverty , discovered the plight of children working in factories becoming itself a factory worker shine . This personal experience allowed him to write about the poor and the unfortunate truth so that his dramatic stories touched the hearts of millions of readers. With this, Dickens, the most popular novelist of his time, had a decisive influence on the social reforms that were carried out in Victorian England . After the release of his father, his suffering did not stop immediately. He had to work more than ten months before the factory can return to school. his father took all the necessary steps to deliver Charles its obligations but to the great dismay of the boy , his mother reluctantly admitted he left his paid employment.