Choisi:présent simple ou be +-ing?
1. am a vet.
2. I am eating.
4.I nevers...(eat)hamburgers.
5.Well,you...(know)wat you...(miss).
compléte la question et réponds.
1.Where...your mother work?
2. ...she cooking right now?
3. Where...your English teacher live?
4. Whate...Jamie Oliver do for a living?
5. ... he want children to eat healthy food or junk food?



Le présent simple exprime une habitude.
Le présent be+ing exprime une action faite à ce moment.

1. What do you do ? I'm a vet.
2. What are you doing ? I'm eating.
3. What are you eating ? A hamburger.
4. I never eat hamburgers.
5. Well, you know what you miss

1. Where does your mother work.
2. Are she cooking right now ?
3. Where does your English teacher live ?
4. What does Jamie Oliver do for a living ?
5. Does he want children to eat healthy food or junk food ?