Je doit faire semblant de me disputer avec une amie anglais et je ne sais pas koi faire je suis bloquer j arrive pas a trouver d idée
Aidée moi s il vous plaît

ensuite sa peu etre une trahisn
lle peu tavoir devoiler ton secret
Oki merci ton idée est


Meilleure réponse !
Laura and I are friends but we have had an argument last Monday. Four days later, at his home, Greg, is now trying to convince Laura to get back my best friend.
"Come in !" Greg said
" No, I'd rather not", she replied nervously. She started to turn around.
"Oh please, stay a while !" Greg asked " Be nice...."
"Don't tell me what I must do !  Leave me alone !", she shouted furiously, slaming the door.
Tu ne précises pas combien de lignes tu dois faire mais ça peut te mettre sur la voie.
oui merci je doit en faire une quinzaine de ligne mais je se rait me débrouiller maintenant
Laura and I are friends but we had an argument last Monday. Four days later I was at Greg's house when Laura showed up at the door. Greg tried to convince her to come in, but since I was there she refused.
Sorry my computer is acting up IGNORE the text that I wrote. I will help as soon as I fix it.
Last week-end my friend, Laura and I had a huge argument. Our other friend Greg is trying to get us to make up. Greg has invited both Laura and I over to his house for coffee but I don't know if I am ready to forgive Laura yet. Greg thinks if we all sat down and talked it through we could forgive one another and become friends again.