Miley Cirus was born on November 23rd, 1992 in the United States. She is an actress singer and musician. Miley cirus is beautiful funny and kind, she has eyes green, hair long brown. She arose from a pére which was a musician, his father nicknamed always Smiley because she always had the smile but Miley grows(grows up) and its nickname was transformed into Miley. Miley began has turned(shot) in movie such as Big Fish then she auditioned for Hannah Montanna or she(it) obtained the leading part.
His father turned(shot) in the same series.
Miley cirus will have turned(shot) a lot of movie such as:
Big fish 
Hannah montanna 
Sex and the Ciy 2
Lol the USA

Ce n'est pas trop une description mais il y a un peu de descrptif + un peu de sa vie
t en quelle classe ,
it's Miley Ciris . she is 20 years old , she was born on novenber 23rd 1992 in tennessee (usa) . she is one meter sixty -five she has got a blue eyes and a long brown curly hair
merciii ! 4ème !