Voila j'ai terminer mon exercice quelqu'un pourrait essayait de me corriger les fautes qui reste
sil vous plait c'est pour demain et je suis vraiment nul en anglais

Sa me corrige pas Sa me met encore plus de faute......
T'as écris programme a un moment c'est pas plutot program ?
si c program plutot :)
*we were all (l 1) - *we were watching (l 1) - *program - *where you try to discover (l 2) - *rehearsal - *reacting each differently, sure some were deceived by their ranking - *looked at each other - *because her boyfriend was proposing to her, they looked at each other with love and jumped into each others arms - *jury was looking at the scene with emotion - *they weren't expecting this - *last night after hearing - *thinking of her father


We were
it was magic and wanderful