Svp hell me pas de rep brève merci !
Je doit présentez une personne que j'ai rencontrer en vacances (présentation physique loisir famille personnalité ce qui vous rapproche --utiliser similitude so am i ..) voilà svp en anglais je doit utiliser du passer et du présent svp je suis super nul en anglais :( merci d'avance !!!



I introduce myself
mathieu call me and I am sure to have the best friends LISA!
I have made you look forward to.
Lisa is like my sister, my moitiée. You are my sun that illuminates me in difficult times. You're the friend everyone would like to have you! You're sweet if somewhat viper
a la place de mathieu tu mais autre chose
During the holidays I have to meet a girl
She was tall, slim, blonde, she hha sleek hair
she was very nice, we had a swim in the pool because she did not like the sea
her family and my familly will appreciate! it was really good