Pourriez vous me dire si j'ai fait des fautes d'orthographe ou de syntaxe et me les expliquer svp ?

My report is about a roman written by Odile Weulersse, an author, who tells adventure fictions in link with the ancient civilization. One of her story is The talkative mummy, a book of hundred-forty-for pages.

It tells the story of Mina, a French girl, who spends hers holidays in Egypt with her family. In the desert, Mina meets Taïa, a soul wandering. She presents her to her brother, but Taïa bewitches him and order him to find her mummy. After that he finds her mummy she wants that he goes with her to the realm of death. Mina tries all to stop Taïa and rescue her brother.

This was the first book without pictures that I read. That’s one of the reasons I resented this book. And I didn’t read a book with so many pages before that. Therefore it was really hard for me. I found as well the story very boring. I couldn’t stand the setting of the book for the action takes place in Egypt and I couldn’t bear this ambiance with the pyramids, the mummies and so on. But I think that the main reason was that I had to read this book for the school as homework.

Thus I don’t recommend this book for a first leisure reading except if the child is fancy about this universe of Egypt and mummies.

Je viens de remarquer une faute, je crois que c'est orders et pas order... pouvez vous me confirmer ?
Non je n'en ai vu aucunes :)
Y en a quelques unes. Je t'ai corrigé: "After finding her Mummy, she wants him to go with her to the Realm of Death".
Ensuite: "This book was the first one that I have read without picture. That is one the reason why I resented...
"Ambience" et non "ambiance"


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Non quand j'ai lu je n'ai pas vu de fautes