Voici le texte, avec les questions, merci d'avance !

Message des parents :

Dear Katie,
Out teenage daughter, Katen, has recently started at a new schol, and she's already made lots of friends and seems happy there. The problem is that she goes ouot with her new friends every weekend to discos, and comes home very late. We've told her that she should be back by 10 p.m, but last Saturday she came home at midnight. She said she missed the bus, but she didn't even call us to tell us. She said she forgot and she didn't have any money to call. My husband thinks we should stop her going out complety. Yesterday , she told us that she wanted £10, pocket-money every week, because that's what her friends get. We told het that should get a part-time job, but she says that she can't study AND work. We dont know what to do next.

Worried Parents, Easbutne.

Réponse de Katie :

Dear worried parents,

Don't you ever miss a bus or a train ? Haven't tou ever forgotten to call someone ? Your daughter's growing up and making decisions for herself about what she does and where she goes, and this is natural. You ought to enderstand that she needs more freedom now, and you certainl shouldn't think of forcing her to stay at home. You say she likes school, and you should encourage this. So perhaps you ought to think about giving her a little more pocket-money - one or two pounds extra a week insn't unreasonable, is it ? And you'd better buy her a phonecard, so that she can ring you if she's late. Sit down together and tell her what you want and listen to what she wants. I'm sure you'll find a solution.



Answer these questions.

a. Where do Karen and her parents live ?
b.Where does she go with her friends at weekends ?
c.What time do her parents want her to come home ?
d.What time did Karen come home last Saturday ?
e.Why was she so late ?
f.Why didn't she call her parents ?
g.How much pocket mone does she want each week ?


Tick the correct sentences.

Katie thinks it's a good idea to...

a.make karen stay at home
b.bye Karen a phonecard
c.give Karen more pocket-money
d.encourage Karen at school
e.make Karen get a job
f.listen to Karen


Replace the underlined elements with equivalents.

1-She didn't even call us.
2-You ought to understand that needs more freedom now.



Karen wa made lots of new friends and she now belongs to a cliques. She criting to Katie about it. She tells her about the leader, about the rules she must follow, about what she does with her friends and why she likes being in this clique.

Write Karen's letter.



A) They live Easbutne. /  B) Every weekend, she goes to go out with her freinds to discos./  C) they said that she should be back at home by 10 p.m  /D) Last Saturday, Karen came home at midnight. / E) She was so late because she missed the bus.  /F) She said she forgot and she didn't have any money to call. /  G) Each weeks, she wants £10.