Quelqu'un de fort en anglais pourrait il corriger les fautes dans mon texte:

Next may, I will be 19 years Old, your girl Prescylia increased. In this fact, I have something important to announce you but the words missed me, that is why I wrote you this letter. Indeed, I decided to become independent and to leave the house. I don't take lighly this decision, I have good reasons. First of all, I wish to study in a faculty in a city of the north. It is a fuculty of law who will allow me to make the job who pleases me : judge . I wille be autonomous financially because I found , in this city, an employment, outside my periods, for to finance my apartment and my studies. Futhermore, I will not live alone. Indeed, I will live with my boyfriend what will allow us to begin a life for two. Given we are together since 2010, it isn't early to move together.I thinf we aren't too young. The age is no importance, for instance, you are maried for 20 years, you were then, just adults. We can face risks of everyday life. For example, in the transport strike, because my boyfrind has a car. I will manage to surmount any unforeseen. By living the house, I don't forget you, on the contrary. I wille come too see very often. Besides, I thank you for all than you brought me but it now time than I enter in my grown-up life. Ii is strange to leave you, but that is life, and I want to be independent from now on. I know than my departure will not be easy accepted given than I'm the last one of the family... Just like my brothers and my sisters, I have to take my flight. I reget to pass by this letter for to announce you my departure.I kiss you and I love you .



On dit lightly ,auliau de wish c'est with , I will pas wille, ensuite on dit Furthermore et not leave,On dit I thing,On dit you are married,my boyfriend pas boyfrind,by leaving I will be coming to,I am strange , not be easily et pour finir on dit I regret voila je t'ai dit toutes les bonnes réponses :))