Dites-moi s' il y a des fautes dans ma rédaction s'il vous plaît...

For my project, I chose
the city of Paris. Simply, because she is beautiful and full of stories. Paris
is the capital of the fashion in the world. With all his stores of brand's,
like Chanel, Abercrombie and others, she makes the pride of all Frenches.

Paris is also known for
its culinary specialities among which mushrooms and cooked ham which was served
during special occasions as well as the narrow-minded to the queen which are
only examples among so many others. But no tourists can past next to legendary
baguette. This city makes us discover also its delicious cake stores(pastries)
as Paris-Brest or famous macaroons Ladurée.

city is a source of inspiration for the artists. We see him(it) moreover with
the impressive number of historic and artistic monuments. The most known are
the Eiffel Tower built between years 1887-1889 by Gustave Eiffel, the castle of
Versailles and its french gardens as well as the Museum of the Louvre. These
monuments attract every years the millions of tourists a year.

Some animals are
protected as some birds such as tawny owls, grey herons or also cheerful
frogs. But the most known rest the red fox who became attached to the wood of
Vincennes by seducing numerous walkers of the wood.

Merci d'avance.



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Her culanary pas" its " puis "The most knowm is the Eiffel Tower" et "Versailles and his french..."
Tu peux rajouter que our la plupart des touristes ,Paris est la villes des amoureux