Beaucoups de points à gagner!!!!!

Voilà! Pour demain j'ai un une fiche a realiser. J'aimerais que vous me corrigiez la moindre faute. Et si vous avez des propositions n'hésitez pas ! c:

Mon theme : Computerize education (education informatique)

mon slogan: No to waste paper! Yes for computer!(non, gaspiller le papier oui, pour ordinateurs... nul.. :c )

ma petite phrase d'introduction: Why wast so much paper? Then they are use computer! (pourquoi gaspiller tant de papier? Alors qu'on peut utiliser des ordinateurs!)

mon mini texte: nowadays, students use too much paper. Paper waste is not good for environment. Many trees are cut for nothing. One computer per students daily to improve school.(je trouve ca assez court donc aideeez moi svpp <3 )

demande de manifestation: Gather you all on november 1 st
We expect you to London city center! COME ALL!

2 personnes parlent: <<-teacher! all my school stuff are expensive! and it is heavy!
-i understand! it should be placed computer in the classroom.
-But nom? other teacher never want!
-So, come manifest with us!

Voilà! Merci! je vous en suplie aidez moi <3 Je donne les points bonus au meilleur <3 ! <3



Computer sciences education , Don't waste paper, use computer it's better and it protect  the environment,why wasting so many paper , then they can use computer, 
More and more , people are wasting paper , especially students for theirs studies , our environment isn't protecting bye this way , You don't know the solution? I have it , a computer per student in school will avoid the woods destructions and Our dear mother earth will be fine.  The meeting will takes place in london city center , come all  for defend this case, 
Teacher- I think that it's will be so expensive for our school ?
Other person - Don't worry , it's better than wasting all the time paper neelessly
-I don't think so , even I accept , the others teachers wouldn't it 
-So , come in with me to the meeting and you will seen how many there are teachers who are in favour of computer in their classroom =D J'espere t'avoir aidé =)

Why computers have improved education.
One way computers have improved education is in their environmental impact. By using computers, people waste less paper since they tend to read what is on the screen of their computer rather than a full printed out book. If they do need to print , they print out only the pages relevant to their specific research. Many teachers are in favor of computers in the classroom not only for their beneficial environmental impact but also for their ease of use and accessibility.