I do not have animals.
My sister does not have a touch pad.
My father can not cook.
Cathia is not organized.
Rabbits do not eat bread.

I am very good in English.
My brother is very nice.
The neighbors house is very pretty.
My uncle has a lovely green lawn.
We walked to the park yesterday.


Phrases positifs :
I like.....
I fonf of....
I keen on...
I love....
I crazy about...

Phrases négatif :
I don't like....
I hate...
I can't....
I stand...
I bear....

Phrases négatives:

I dont' have my book.
I dislikes cooking.
He can't come because he works.
They mustn't talking.
You don't like English at all.

Phrases positives:

He enjoys music.
You can close the window.
I am a girl.
You must listen the lesson.
They took the train.