Bonjour, je doit faire des phrases sur ce texte en le présentant (type de document, de quoi il parle...) et je dois faire trois quatre phrases pour présenter les deux hôtels. Est ce que vous pouvez m'aider? je ne comprends pas, merci

NY New Yorkers are always complaining that "foreigners" (those who don't live there) are giving the city a bad name. Actually, we "foreigners" would have no idea what was going on unless NY told us.
I had occasion to visit NY on a sunday recently, and spent the afternoon in Queens at a gathering of friends.
then I announced that i had to go into the city.
"how are you planning to go?" someone eskedï
"i trought i'd take the subway" i replied
"you can't take the subway!" the person said
"why? it's sunday. the subway shouldn't be too crowded



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