The story is that Jim Hawkins aged 14, son of the manager of the inn " Admiral Benbow " in the eighteenth century. One day, an old sea dog named Billy Bones arrives at the inn and moved there. Jim was fascinated and terrified by the angry, violent and drunken sailor, especially since it seems to hang over it a dark threat.This becomes clear when Chien- black, a former pirate, Billy Bones gives "black spot" harbinger of death in the world of pirates. While Billy Bones hours are counted, he died, struck down by a stroke while at the same time, Jim's father died of a serious illness. The latter was treated by Dr. Livesey .Jim and his mother searched the body and discover Billy Bones safe key that the attacker kept jealously hidden in his room. Opening the chest pirate, they discovered a small bag of gold and a bunch that Jim carries with it out of curiosity. Among others, some trinkets belonging to Bones. Jim therefore seized the package, and his mother as much money as she can. They both make their neighbors and lack of being killed by Pew and his men. Jim leaves his mother with neighbors and share see Dr. Livesey who dined with Squire Trelawney , accompanied by some men of the neighborhood. They all three decided to open the package and Jim discover a treasure map . They then embark on a fabulous adventure to Treasure Island .A ship called the Hispaniola is chartered to go looking for him . The crew consists of a strict captain , merry pirates and a very popular cook named Long John Silver . This veteran is the adviser to all and lacks a leg.During the voyage, Jim overhears the cook, Long John Silver , and crewmen : he learns that most of the sailors aboard the Hispaniola are part of the band and that Flint mutiny is preparing to seize the treasure ship . Jim told his friends from danger. They decide not to act before the ground while remaining on their guard. Only the doctor, lord , master, some sailors and Jim remained faithful.When the island is reached, Jim hid in a bush witnessing the murder of Tom by Long John Silver , a crew member , so he was afraid . The fight ensued between the two groups. Young Hawkins discovered during a walk on the island , a former pirate named Ben Gunn, who explains that he has been abandoned by its crew . It also reveals the existence of a boat hidden behind a large white rock near the shore. For his part, the boy tells his adventure. Ben Gunn was willing to help but if someone wants to talk to him , he will come only with a white object in his hand.Jim does not reveal immediately the existence of Ben Gunn . He and his friends took refuge in a small wooden fort . The pirates stormed and manage to injure the captain but lose some of their men. While the lord heals the captain and the doctor has gone to meet Ben Gunn after admission Jim about the former pirate, he decides to go in search of the ship mentioned by Ben Gunn . With it, he managed to cut the rope of Hispaniola and boarded . It falls on a drunken pirate and with his help , is to sail the boat found a place for pirates. But during the last maneuver , the attacker tries to kill Jim. The boy manages to kill the pirate with the weapon he had taken before escaping the fort but was wounded in the shoulder. Leaving the boat, he returned to the fort to tell his friends that he owns the boat, but it falls on Long John Silver and his men. Jim held before them by declaring them that it was he who had upset all their plans. Pirates Long John , unhappy , want to rebel , but Silver manages to calm them by promising them the treasure. Silver tells Jim that Dr. Livesey left his fort and the food of the boat he had and that he had gone with his friends in an unknown location. Jim was even more surprised that the doctor had left the treasure map in the hands of Silver .The next day, the doctor visits the pirates for a medical appointment , and surprised by the presence of Jim asks to speak to him privately . He stands outside the fence of the fort while Jim is forced to stay indoors . The doctor began to rebuke him , but eventually take pity when he bursts into tears . Jim informed the doctor fears of being tortured and Livesey offers the boy to run away with him. Young Hawkins refuses , having given his word not to escape and preferring to lose his life rather than his honor. The doctor must leave without Jim. In the afternoon , the pirates embark on a treasure hunt disturbed by a strange voice coming from a bush (actually Ben Gunn ) and the discovery of a skeleton lying on the ground . Finally , the group of mutineers finally found the location of the treasure , but the treasure is gone . While pirates are preparing to kill Jim and Silver, Dr. Livesey and his gang has killing some pirates. The last three mutineers fled. The Hispaniola back to sea with its precious cargo and eventually returned to England, but not before Long John Silver has managed to escape with a bag of gold coins treasure extracted during a stopover.