Faire un dialogue en disent comment tu t appelle
quel age ta
si ta des animaux
quelle temp il fais

Hello my name's is (ton prénom). I'm (ton age) , I've got (ton(tes) animal(aeux de compagnie)
Today is (le tempq qui fait)
hello what s your name?
hello what s your name ? hi my name is ........ I M ..... I VE GOT .........
do you have animals? YES OR NO


C'est juste un exemple:
My name is Stephanie I am 15, I have 4 cats and it must be 45 degrees outside with a large sun
-hello-hello -how are you today?
-I'm happy , thank you and you ?
-I'm fine-what's your name-My name is....
-ok.-how old are you?-I'm ..
-Have you got any pets ?
-yes I have 1dog/3cat
- I have no pets-And what's the weather like today?
-It's : sunny/cloudy/windy/rainy/hot/freezing
-ok good bye