je n'arrive pas à poser la question en anglais correspondante au texte souligné :

1) I went to Scotland last summer .

2) Prebitha ate a lot of fruit in India .

3) My brother woke up at 6 this morning .

4) I was punished because I didn't do my exercise .

5) I first met my best friend when we were in kindergarden .

merci de votre aide

si j'écris pour la première WHEN WERE YOU GO LAST SUMMER est ce que ce serait juste ?
moi je mettrais,
1) When you went last summer ?


1) where did you go last ummer?
2) What did you eat in india?

3) what time was it when your father wake up?

4) why didn't you do your exerice?

-Where did you go last summer?
What did Prebithia eat in India?
What time did your brother woke up this morning?
Why were you punished?
When did you first meet your best friend?