Bonjour devoir note merci
mets ces phrases au genitive
1) Mary has got a book
This is

2) My mum has got some new shoes.
These are

3) Peter and Pam have got a flat.
It is

4) The children have got schoolbags.
They are

5) Mr Smith has got a car
It is

6) My brother has got a girlfriend.
Julia is

7) The girls have got umbrellas.
These are

8) Has bob a jacket ?
Is this

9) Mary and Julie have got some friends.
These are



1/ This is Mary's book
2/ These are my mum's  new shoes
3/  It's Peter and Pam's flat
4/ They are children's schollbags
5/ It's Mr Smith's Car
6/ Julia is my brother's girlfiend
7/ These are the girls' umbrellas
8/ Is it Bob jacket's?
9/ These are Mary and Julie's friend