find info about the sport you have chosen.

-date/place of invention


-number of player

-place equipement

-goal "but" of the game


What the fucking hell are you asking for ?! Nobody's gonna do your homework for you if that's what you're thinking.


Sport : The Homeworking
Place : at home 
Date : since 27/09/2013 at 7:52 pm
Inventor : Rvv
Number of players : as much as u want
Place equipment : u just need a pen
Goal : do them, or not, it depends of ur motivation
Scoring : one minute spend on homework -> one minute u could have used to play
Oh my god, that's awesome ! Why no one ever had this idea before ?? I'm just a little concerned about the scoring, this could kinda prevent you from doing your homework. I mean, thinking of games isn't the solution.
Or maybe it's a way to measure determination ? Oh, clever boy.