write a short speech about the usefulness and the hidden dangers of the internt

The internet is usefulness for a hudge amount of reasons. It helps us for researchs, information, to play games, to work... it has a infinit list of reasons. But Internet is also dangerous because of the social network, life facebook, email adresses, games... When you put something personal, the whole world knows it. But internet is really important for humans now, we just need to be careful about it.



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The Internet has many advantages and allows mankind to access more information than before. Now, by using solely a computer, we can surf onto the Web and listen, watch or read music, picture, articles, newspaper, TV shows, documentaries... Plus, the internet doesn't have any boundaries, it allows us to communicate with people from all around the world without any constraint. 

On the other hand, even though the Internet gives us a lot of opportunities, it would be useful to remind the danger we might face by using it. The most common danger regards the privacy issues. The internet possesses multiple social networks where people upload pictures, videos, text about themselves. The problem is that those social networks own the content people added. They also use them for commercial reasons by selling them to companies. 

Thus, the Internet is a wonderful tool but we should know to what extent our privacy can be questioned.