Rédaction en Anglais, un des deux sujets :

" To what extent do you think it is important to fulfil one's dreams in spite of obstacle that might "bar the way" ? Illustrate with exemple"

"Choose a cause you want to defend in front of your classmates. Writes a Speech you will deliver in class in order to convince them to defend this cause with you"

Merci de bien vouloir m'aider à trouver un plan, ou le faire en entier si vous voulez (je ne dirais pas non !)



I kept in my heartQuite a stir and you
I kept your eyes in memoryI kept some of your arm on meI kept your kiss that made my joyYet a tear falls into my handkerchief ...
I kept the sun in my heartI kept my laughter full of sweetnessI kept your hand at least one hourBut the tear that is not an illusion ...
I kept three notes of hopeI kept your hope in memoryI kept a layer of despairBecause I have a tear in the eye of the evening ...
I kept in my heart,Many of you and less of me!