Bonjour, je dois écrire un dialogue en Anglais. Pouvez-vous me corriger mes fautes si il y en a ? Merci d'avance.

Cindy: John, my dear, I want to go to the United States. I go there now as long as I am still young.

John: what?

Cindy: you very well heard me. I thought for a long time, with councils of my friends, and especially rumors on the new continent, and well I decided to go there.

John : But Cindy, it is out of the question. Did you think of a single second to me ? To us ? You know very well that I have a work here, friends and my family. Why would you want to leave this life for a New World, while everything is here ?

Cindy : You are selfish, kept silent see only through you. You have the opportunity to have a work. I haven't it. Then, I want to join my parents in New York, they immigrated two years ago, and in the last letter of and in the last letter of my mother, she said to me that my father was seriously sick. You know very well that I did not see my parents for a long time, and that I miss them.

John : I understands your motivations. Only, I cannot abandon the world in which I saw, for an other one totally unknown.

Cindy : oh John, am I. I heard so much story about the new continent, the world seems so much better over there. Furthermore, I heard that we found a job so easily as one are going to buy some bread from the bakery.

John : They are only rumors Cindy. Mister Hastings said to me recently, that The gold comes by springing from rivers directly in your hands, either that the beer pours faucets quite The night. I am sure that everything is false. I do not believe in it.

Cindy : I think of the opposite. Why would not there be treasures to be pocketed for every hard-working man? You as me, we can go to it without concern. We shall land by Ellis Island, shall spend the carefree medical inspection. We shall meet a lot of people. Madam Barker said to me that her son, not finding work, to decide to leave for the new continent, and we met numerous persons of different nationalities, as The Blacks, the Irish, Italians, the Germans and the Jews there.

John : I don’t know. If I decide to follow you, you are sure that I shall find a job ? I do not want to leave you, or to regret not to have followed you. I make it for you.

Cindy: I promises you that we shall live together, in the best of the worlds.



Pour moi la derière phrase sa serai :
I promises you that we shall live together in the best of the world (sans 's' ) sinon c'est parfait