je voudrais savoir comment répondre à cette question en anglais;
what are your hobbies and after-school activities ?

ps:Mon hobby est le Foot, et ce que je fais après les l'école, du sport.

on dit my hobby is a football and my after-school activiti is sport


Tu peux répondre soit par :
I love playing football and doing sport.
My hobby is playing football. My after school activity is sport.
Ou My hobby is playing football and after school I running ,,
Je ne suis pas sûre mais il me semble qu'il vaudrait mieux mettre I run au lieu de I running
Ok merci de ta réponse
Ou tu peux répondre comme cela (de maniére plus approfondie):
"I really enjoy playing football as an after school activity and it is probably one if my favorite hobbie. From my opinion I think that it is the best way to practice sport and to have fun! On the other hand playing football is also a pretty good way to improve msyself through important notions like solidarity, team spirit, etc... To conclude I would say that actually football became an important part of me, from witch I am very motivated"
Merci mais je pas besoin d'approfondir la réponse.
Well... I hope it would help in an other way!